We invite you to submit abstracts to ICRS2018  to be considered for the scientific program and our award program. Details of the terms and submission guidelines are listed below.

Abstracts Submission Deadline: July 15, 2018

ICRS2018 awards
ICRS2018 will be awarding three prizes for outstanding student poster presentations:
• First prize: Full Travel Grant for the 2019 Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the Controlled Release Society,
   inclusive of airfare and registration fees.
• Second prize: Partial Travel Grant for the 2019 Annual Meeting and Exhibition of the Controlled Release Society,       inclusive of airfare only.
Third Prize: NIS 1,000

Abstract Submission Information
•  Abstracts may be submitted only by using the On-Line Abstract Submission Form link below.
•  Abstracts should be submitted (and presented) in clear English and quality that is suitable for publication.
•  Abstracts may be submitted for Oral presentation by Faculty members (PIs), post-doctoral students and           members of the Industry only.  Oral presentations will not be considered for the ICRS2018 poster award program.
•  Abstracts may be submitted for Poster Presentation by Graduate students, post-doctoral students or members       of the Industry. Only Graduate and Post-Doctoral students will be considered for the ICRS2018 poster award             program.
•  From the abstracts accepted for Poster Presentation, the Scientific Committee will select several abstracts for            short oral presentations (in addition to the poster).
•  Notifications to presenting authors will be sent by August 26, 2018.
•  Registration of the presenting author is mandatory. In order for an accepted abstract to be included in the                 program registration should be received by September 2, 2018 (the early registration deadline).
•  Upon submission, the Abstract Submitter confirms that the Abstract has been duly reviewed and that all                    information is correct.
•  Upon submission, the Abstract Submitter confirms any clinical or preclinical trials on human or animal subjects        reported in the abstract have been approved by the Helsinki Committee or by the local Institutional Review               Board.
•  Upon submission, the Abstract Submitter confirms that the contact details saved in the system are those of the        presenting author who will be notified about the status of the abstract and will be responsible for  informing the     other authors about the Status of the Abstract.
•  Upon submission, the Abstract Submitter confirms that he or she is the exclusive owner or has the rights of all         the information and content provided to The ICRS2018 and its organizers and that the publication of the abstract     does not infringe any third party rights including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights.
•  Abstracts may be edited until July 15, 2018. After this date, the content of the abstract could not be modified or         corrected and will be published as is.
•  The scientific program and abstracts will be published online on this website. Submission of the abstract                    constitutes the authors’ consent to such publication on this online website and other media.
•  The organizers retain the right to remove any abstract which does not comply with the above conditions and            guidelines.

Abstract Submission Guidelines
Before you start the abstract submission process, please read and prepare all necessary information detailed below.
The on-line Abstract Submission Form includes the following parts:
Part 1: Presenting author’s contact details (use full first name and last name)
Part 2: Authors
•  By default, the name of the presenting author will automatically appear as the first author, but the order may be      changed as you insert additional names.
•  Insert the names of the additional authors in the order that they should appear in the author list; you will be
able to change the order, if needed.
•  Use full first name and last name of all authors.
Part 3: Affiliation/s (Institution/s)
•  Insert name of the institution, department, city (state, if relevant) and country. After each institution you have           listed, check the box/es of author/s associated with that institution.
•  Make a separate entry for each institution. DO NOT repeat identical institution details if they apply to more than      one author.
•  Text should be in Upper and Lower Case.
•  Do not abbreviate Department, Institute, University, etc.
•  In the Department field, type in “Department of” if relevant, as only the words you type-in will show in the                 abstract.
Part 4: Presentation Type
Select from:
– Invited Speaker (to be selected only by those who were invited by the organizers)
– Oral Presentation
– Poster Presentation
Part 5a: Abstract Title
Limited to 25 words. Use Sentence case (only the first character in the sentence is capitalized, except for specific rules).
Part 5b: Abstract body
•  Limited to 350 words including up to 3 references.
•  Abbreviations must be defined upon first use and avoided in the title.
•  Copy & paste your abstract into the abstract area or type it in directly.
Part 5: Preview
Most important: proofread your abstract and insert/format special characters that may have been corrupted in the copy & paste process. You can navigate to previous pages by using the Back button on your browser. After proofreading the abstract, click “SUBMIT”.
Part 6: End Message
After you click SUBMIT, an automatic “Thank you” message will indicate that the abstract was successfully submitted.
Shortly after submitting your abstract, you will receive by e-mail an automatic submission acknowledgment which will include your abstract number, as well as a link to access your abstract, should you wish to modify it.
System Information
The abstract submission system is designed to run on many internet browsers, but we recommend that you use the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (v.11 / v.10), Google Chrome 5, or Firefox (v3.6 or better).